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Sports Vision

Sports Vision Enhances Athletic Performance

The ability to see well, quickly change focus, and improve hand-eye-coordination greatly improves your sports vision. Your eye doctor can help improve your clarity of vision while in motion, improving peripheral vision awareness, hand-eye coordination, and other critically important visual abilities related to sports performance. Our optometry specialists at North Bay Vision Center in Rohnert Park provide expert sports vision services. Whether you need contacts, eyeglasses, or other sports vision services, we are among the area’s most experienced sports vision specialists. We can help improve your eyesight naturally and with an array of corrective vision services.


Sports Vision Help from Our Optometrist

Our optometry and sports vision services help improve your depth of perception, peripheral vision awareness, and visual acuity by ensuring that your eyesight is its sharpest. Corrective contact lenses and sports eyeglasses are very affordable and simple ways to improve your sports vision. Prescription sports eyeglasses, in particular, can be especially helpful. Whether you play contact sports or another activity where flying objects might impact your eyes, prescription sunglasses and eyeglasses with clear lenses are great ways to help protect your eyes against injury. It also improves your vision and related sports performance. Prescription contacts can improve your peripheral vision, depth of field, and visual acuity while in motion.

Negative Effects on Your Vision

Your sports vision can suffer due to many reasons. You might take a finger in the eye during competition or suffer an eye injury in some other manner. Your eyes might also undergo natural changes that affect your sports vision. Perhaps you were born with astigmatism and need corrective action to negate its effects. No matter the cause, there most likely is a service that we can provide to help improve your sports vision and your related athletic potential. Anything ranging from the negative effects of playing outdoors in the wind and sunshine to annoying overhead lights in indoor arenas might impact your sports vision. Lastly, there is, of course, the possibility of an eye injury affecting your sports vision. Using protective eyewear when playing contact sports can greatly reduce the chances of an eye injury.

Improve Your Sports Vision Today

Don’t let your sports vision get worse. Schedule an appointment online or call our eye doctor at 707-584-7294 to improve your sports vision today. Whether you have suffered an eye injury or you’re experiencing naturally occurring eyesight issues, we can help. Our optometrist at North Bay Vision Center in Rohnert Park will examine your eyes and work with you to determine the best route forward to improve your sports vision.

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