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Dry Eye

Dry Eye Care at Our Rohnert Park Optometry Clinic

Dry eye syndrome is a painful condition that can affect your vision by temporarily and (in the worst cases) permanently cause damage to your eyes. That's why North Bay optometric Vision Center in Rohnert Park provides evaluations and treatments to help people protect their ocular comfort and health.

Dry Eye Care at Our Rohnert Park Optometry Clinic

Dry Eye: A Serious Threat to Your Quality of Life

The front surfaces of your eyes are supposed to coated in a constantly-refreshed tear film. Tears are a more complex substance that you might realize, and their complexity is critical for your eyes’ health. A layer of oil produced by the meibomian glands in your eyelids sits stop a water layer and an underlying layer of mucous. This combination offers disease protection and hydration while also ensuring that your tears don't evaporate as soon as they're produced. If you can't produce enough tears to maintain a tear film, or if your tears aren't properly topped with oil, dry eye is the usual result. These conditions may be produced by:

    • Constant wind exposure
    • Infrequent blinking associated with computer monitor usage
    • Age-related dryness
    • Insufficient oil due to meibomian gland dysfunction
    • Medicines or medical conditions that promote dryness
    • Contact lenses that make your dryness worse

Dry eye syndrome makes your eyes feel rough, gritty, and itchy. You may even find it painful to open your eyes in them morning. Redness and blurred vision are other problems associated with dry eye. The most dangerous issue, however, is corneal damage, which may occur if you let your dry eye go uncorrected for a long time.

Our Eye Doctor Offers Soothing Treatment Options

The best way to get a grip on your dry eye issue is to get your eyes and tear film evaluated at North Bay Optometric Vision Center. Your optometrist can determine whether or not you're producing enough tears or you're simply "low on oil." Our optometry team will also evaluate your health, lifestyle, and medical regimen before recommending:

    • Environmental or workplace adjustments
    • Eye drops
    • Medical treatment (or treatment changes)
    • Treatment to improve meibomian gland function
    • Switching to contact lenses that are optimized to retain moisture

Give Your Eyes a Break by Calling North Bay Optometric Vision Center

Do your dry eyes need a skilled, experienced dry eye doctor? Call our Rohnert Park office at 707-584-7294 to set up an appointment with any optometrist on our team!

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