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Pink Eye

When Do You Need to See Your Eye Doctor in Rohnert Park About Pink Eye?

Everybody knows somebody who has had pink eye. It's the sort of thing any doctor of optometry sees nearly every day, as we do at North Bay Vision Center in Rohnert Park. Most of the time pinkeye is a collection of common symptoms caused by allergies or a viral infection. It causes redness across the "whites" of the eye, the sclera, so that the eye appears pink, along with itching and the accumulation of icky, yellow crusts. When one kid gets it, it usually spreads quickly, through the entire family. 

When Do You Need to See Your Eye Doctor in Rohnert Park About Pinkeye?

What is Pink Eye?

Pink eye occurs when the conjunctiva of the eye becomes inflamed. While this disease typically occurs in children, it can also affect adults. Pink eye is highly contagious, and someone who has it will have to take time off of school or work until the disease clears up. During this time, people typically report discomfort, itchiness, and redness in one or both eyes. While Pink eye is usually caused by a viral infection and can, therefore, clear itself with time, if you do not experience some form of relief in 12 -24 hours visit an eye doctor immediately. This is particularly important for people who wear contacts as the symptoms of pink eye are shared by more malicious eye diseases

Treatment Options for Pink Eye

Most forms of Pink eye cannot be treated with anything but time, so treatment options for the disease focus on symptom relief. Treatment options include:

    • Antibiotic eye drops
    • Removal of contact lenses until the disease clears
    • Artificial tears
    • Cleaning eyelids with a wet cloth
    • Applying a warm/cold compress

While Pink eye typically takes two or three weeks to clear up, these treatment options can provide relief during that time.

Pinkeye Usually Isn't Serious. But It Can Be. Let Your Optometrist In Rohnert Park Take a Look at It.

If you are the busy parent of a preschooler or an elementary school student who develops a case of pinkeye, you probably don't want to have one more appointment to add to your schedule. Or if you are an adult who gets reddish eyes that are followed by discharge, you just might think you'll get over it on your own. The truth is, probably you could, but there are times what appears to be pinkeye is really something more serious. Make your appointment with North Bay Vision Center by calling 707-584-7294 to schedule an appointment today!

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