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Our Eye Doctor in Rohnert Park Treats Computer Vision Syndrome

With all the digital devices in use these days, it is not a surprise that a condition called Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) has developed, resulting in issues affecting the eyes and other parts of the body. Our Eye Doctors in Rohnert Park work with a team of medical professionals at our North Bay Vision Center located in California, to provide care for those dealing with this disorder. 

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What Is Computer Vision Syndrome?

Computer Vision Syndrome occurs when individuals spend a long amount of time viewing the screens of digital devices, including cell phones, tablets, and electronic book readers.

Individuals can have trouble focusing their eyes because of the high-energy blue light associated with tech tools that can cause glare and flickering as the person attempts to process what they are viewing. This leads to folks staring at the screen and neglecting to blink.  Older people and those who wear glasses are even more susceptible to CVS.      

What Are the Symptoms of CVS?

The symptoms can include dry, burning, watery, itchy eyes and blurred sight. It also might lead to other issues such as headaches, neck pain, backaches, and trouble focusing mentally.  

How Is Computer Vision Syndrome Diagnosed?

The Oculist will gather information about your medical background as well as inquire about your eye health troubles.

The specialist will proceed with administering several tests, including the visual acuity exam, checking out your eyesight for visual impairments such as astigmia, near or farsightedness and evaluating the efficiency of your eye movements.  Afterwards, the doctor will work with you on the best choices for going forward.   

How Will Our Optometrists Treat You for Digital Eye Strain?

Our Optometrists will execute a comprehensive eye exam to determine the best way to help you recover quickly from CVS. After discussing all available options, depending upon the findings, the practitioner might recommend computer eyewear to prevent the eyes from strain. They might also suggest eye drops for soothing dry eyes.

Advice about blinking often, purchasing the proper anti-glare screen, adjusting your fonts and screen lighting and making sure your posture is in alignment while using your electronic devices, might also be discussed from the point of lifestyle changes.              

Contact Our Local Eye Doctor Today!

If you are having problems with dry, irritated eyes or headaches and neck strain from Computer Vision Syndrome, it would be wise to reach out to our North Bay Vision Center facility located in Rohnert Park, CA. You will find that our compassionate Optometrists are ready to assist you in reducing the strain on your eyes. Please give us a call today to schedule an appointment at 707-584-7294. 

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