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Choosing Eyeglasses

At North Bay Optometric Vision Center in Rohnert Park, CA, we provide a wide variety of optometry services. We know that many patients need to wear some form of vision correction. One of the best options for this is eyeglasses. Our optometrist will help you through the process of finding the right glasses.

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Eye Exams

Before we prescribe any eye glasses, our optometry team will start by conducting a comprehensive vision and eye exam. The exam will involve your medical history, visual acuity, and ocular motility, where our optometrist evaluates the movements of your eyes. Other test that we include in comprehensive eye exams include fluorescein angiography, fundus photos, topography, and optical coherence tomography.

If we determine that you have a refractive error and need vision correction, we can help you decide what is best. If you go with eyeglasses, we have a wide variety to choose from. The options we offer are based on price, style, material, shape, color, frame of thickness, and frame or lens size. In most cases, your choice of eye glasses will be determined by your personality. However, if you find it challenging, our optometrist can help you.

Lenses We Offer

Our optometrist will determine what lenses you need based on your prescription and lifestyle.

Single Vision Lenses

You might need vision correction for reading, distance, or both. In case you need correction for distance vision, we will prescribe eyeglasses only for distance. On contrary, if you only need vision correction for reading, our eye doctor might prescribe glasses for reading.

Multifocal Lenses

In case you require vision correction for both reading and distance, we can offer you multifocal lenses (progressive lenses, trifocal lenses, and bifocal lenses).

Eyeglass Frames

At North Bay Optometric Vision Center, our eye doctor offers different types of eyeglasses based on hair color, eye color, and skin tone. Our options include colors that range from white to black and multi-colored patterns. We have styles that range from trendy, retro, modern hip, and business classic. Our frame shapes include round, rectangle, and oval. We also offer eye-catching options, such as cat-eye and aviator glasses. Our frames are made from materials ranging from acetate, titanium, metal, and blended materials.

Selecting the Right Frames

Most people concentrate on choosing glasses based on their shapes. You should choose frames with a color that suits your skin tone, a shape that aligns with your facial shape, and an appropriate style. Here are some tips on how to choose the right frames.

Skin Tone

Cool skin tones are complemented by royal blue, jade, darker tortoiseshell, silver, and black. Warm skin tones should choose blonde tortoiseshell, warm blue, red, copper, gold, and tan.

Facial Shape

Diamond-shaped faces look good with frames that have a distinctive bowline. Oval faces need frames that are close, deep, and wide. Heart-shaped faces look good in frames that are wider at the bottom. Square faces should wear frames with longer ovals. Round faces look good in frames with angular or wider shapes.

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If you need eyeglasses, we can help. At North Bay Optometric Vision Center in Rohnert, CA, we provide a variety of glasses and other optometry services. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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