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Prescription Eyeglasses at North Bay Vision Center

Many people need to wear some form of vision correction. While there are many options these days, eyeglasses are the classic choice for a reason: they are available for almost any prescription, easy to wear, require no maintenance, and are usually comparatively inexpensive. Here at North Bay Vision Center in Rohnert Park, we sell over 1,500 frame styles, so we certainly have something for you!

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Style Options

When you are selecting a pair of glasses, you will have several choices to make:

  • Frame size/lens size
  • Frame thickness
  • Color
  • Shape
  • Material (metal, acetate, etc.)
  • Style
  • Price

Mostly, your choice of eyeglasses is determined by your personal style. A pair of frames that are incredibly appealing to one person may be something another person would never wear. However, if you don't know where to start, experts can offer some advice.

Choosing the Right Frames

Most people focus on the shape of the glasses when considering what is most flattering, but other factors are important, too. Choose a frame shape that suits your facial shape, a color that suits your skin tone and overall needs, and a style that matches your own.

  • Frames for people with round faces should have wider, angular shapes.
  • Frames for people with square faces should be longer ovals.
  • Frames for people with heart-shaped faces should be wider at the bottom or small and rimless.
  • Frames for people with oval faces should be close to as deep as they are wide.
  • Frames for people with diamond-shaped faces should feature a distinctive browline.
  • People with cool skin tones, eye color or hair may find that black, silver, darker tortoiseshell, and brilliant colors such as jade and royal blue suit them best.
  • People with warm skin tones, eye color or hair may find that tan, gold, copper, fire-engine red, warm blue, and light (blonde) tortoiseshell suit them best.
  • Basic, classics styles are usually best for work, and crazy, trendy styles are great for partying.
  • Extra-durable options are usually best for children or people who wear glasses while playing sports.

Options Sold Here in Rohnert Park

We offer eyeglasses for people of every skin tone, eye color, hair color, and style in Rohnert Park. Our 1,500 frames come in a wide array of choices:

  • Metal, titanium, acetate, and mixed-materials frames
  • Traditional shapes such as ovals, rectangles, and round frames, as well as eye-catching options like aviators and cat-eye glasses
  • Colors ranging from black to white, with everything in between and multi-colored patterns as well
  • Styles ranging from business classic to modern hip, retro, trendy, and more

Buy Your Next Pair of Eyeglasses at North Bay Vision Center

Here at North Bay Vision Center, we provide optometry services and eyeglasses for the residents of Rohnert Park and surrounding areas. Our frames range from inexpensive, basic, but dependable options to high-end designer brands. Visit today to see all of your eyeglasses choices at our facility!

New patients receive 30% OFF additional prescription eyewear.

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