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Eye & Vision Exams

Eye And Vision Exams Supplied by a Rohnert Park, CA Optometrist

Whether you know it or not, eye exams and a vision exam are different and so is a contact lens fitting. Fortunately for you, we offer all of them at North Bay Vision Center. You can schedule an eye and vision exam at the same time in our Rohnert Park office for your convenience.

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About Eye Exams

An eye exam doesn't test your vision. It's an evaluation of the health of your eye, and typically, we perform it at the same time as your vision exam. During this portion, our optometrist makes sure your eyes work together and can focus on an object. You may notice our eye doctor looking into your eyes using a magnifying device. This gives the optometry specialist a view into your eye to look for damage or noticeable signs of issues inside of your eye. You also receive a test that forces air into your eye to check the pressure in your eye to evaluate your eye for glaucoma.

About Vision Exams

A vision exam is the part of the examination that evaluates your eyesight at different distances to check for nearsightedness and farsightedness. During vision exams, our optometrist has you look through lenses. You'll see letters at different sizes. Which line you can read determines the strength of your glasses or contacts

Another part of the vision exam checks your eyes for astigmatism. This portion of the exam consists of our optometrist showing you images, and you have to decide which one is clearest. The test helps to determine where your eyes aren't focusing light properly, which gives our optometrist the ability to detect issues with the curvature of your eye.

About Contact Lens Exams

If our optometrist discovers you have a deficit in your vision, you'll need either contacts or glasses. To get contacts, you'll have to undergo the contact lens exam via a computerized device that takes measurements of your eyes. It gives our optometrist the size your contacts should be, so they fit you comfortably and correct your vision correctly.

If you have astigmatism or any other special eye problems, our optometrist may need to determine a better option of contacts for you. For instance, people who have a severe astigmatism benefit from toric lenses more so than a standard pair of contacts. If you have dry eyes, our optometrist may need to find you special contacts that won't make your dry eyes worse.

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