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Foreign Object in Eyes

Foreign objects in the eye are things that enter the eye from the outside. A foreign object can be anything that doesn’t belong there naturally and can range from a metal shard to a dust particle. When you get a foreign object in the eye, it typically affects the conjunctiva or cornea. Even if a foreign object gets lost behind the eyeball, these objects can cause scratches. Some types of foreign objects can damage your vision or cause infection.

It’s important to get treatment from an eye doctor in Rohnert Park, CA, if you experience a foreign object in the eye. Fortunately, North Bay Optometric Vision Center is here to help.

Symptoms of Foreign Object in the Eye

If you have a foreign object in your eye, then there are some immediate symptoms. These include a sensation of something in the eye, tearing, feeling of discomfort or pressure, eye pain, excessive blinking, a bloodshot eye, or redness.

A case where the foreign object penetrates the eye is rare. Usually, objects that penetrate the eye are because of a high-speed impact, such as an explosion. Foreign objects that end up penetrating the eye are called intraocular objects. These objects usually cause blood or fluid in the eye.

Causes of Foreign Object in the Eye

Many objects that get into the conjunctiva are because of an accident that happens during an everyday activity. The most common types of foreign objects include sand, dirt, eyelashes, sawdust, glass shards, metal particles, cosmetics, and contact lenses.

Sand and dirt fragments usually enter the eye because of falling debris or wind. Sharp objects, such as glass or metal, get into the eye because of an accident or an explosion. Any foreign object that enters the eye at a high rate of speed increases the risk of injury.

Getting Care for a Foreign Object in the Eye

Proper optometry care from an eye doctor can help prevent vision loss or infection. Removing an object yourself can cause damage to your eye. If you still have symptoms after the object is removed, you should also seek emergency optometric care.

Visit an Optometrist in Rohnert Park

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