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Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy At North Bay Vision Center

When many people think of vision therapy, they think of eye exercises that aim to strengthen eye muscles, however, this is actually a very small part of what goes into vision therapy. That eye strengthening is actually orthoptics, and vision therapy actually reaches much further. Vision therapy is about vision control because, in addition to seeing clearly, vision is also about getting your eyes to work together efficiently and processing the information you see.

Conditions Treated With Vision Therapy

Vision therapy commonly treats vision issues including lazy eye, double vision, and crossed eyes. Often the main issue behind these conditions is eye teaming and processing. While adults can be candidates for vision therapy, it is most often pursued with children, and it can be time-consuming, but many have found it well worth the time and effort. At times children are diagnosed with developmental problems such as ADHD or dyslexia when what they really need is vision therapy. VT is not about how well a person sees. Someone can have 20/20 vision but need vision therapy with an optometrist in order to get the most out of their vision. Some tools commonly used to get vision back on track include

  • prisms
  • filters
  • balance boards
  • electronic targets
  • patches
  • therapeutic lenses

Does Vision Therapy Work?

For many people, vision therapy does work very well, but unfortunately, it is a tool that is often misrepresented and misunderstood. When a child has problems with their eyes it is natural for a parent to seek out the best eye doctor they can. Many choose an ophthalmologist by default because they carry an "M.D." designation and a Doctor of Optometry does not. But an "M.D" is not a symbol of superiority, just a difference in the specialty. Ophthalmologists deal mostly with eye diseases that affect the physical health of the eye, while optometrists are the preferred choice when it comes to vision issues. 

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Since school vision testing frequently misses the need for vision therapy, parents often need to rely on their own instincts, and look for signs that their child could use a little help getting their eyes and brain on the "same page." Common signs that a child could benefit from VT include headaches and fatigue when reading and fighting to do homework. If you or your child has a history of these types of issues, our optometrist in Rohnert Park can conduct testing that can help determine what type of treatment will be most beneficial and develop a program tailored to your needs.  To learn more, contact us at North Bay Optometric Vision Center in Rohnert Park, CA at (707)-584-7294 to schedule an appointment.

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